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Hearth & Chimney Services

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Welcome to the Neighborhood Chimney Care & LeavesOut web-site.

We are a small company that is large in customer service.

We now care for OUR Customers Children’s chimneys and homes.

I am David S. Faassen certification #3149. I started Neighborhood Chimney Care in May 1990 with a dream and desire to take care of people’s chimney problems. That DREAM is fulfilled each day as we do our work for YOU.  We meet and care for the most amazing people…THANK YOU!!!  The range of our services has grown. Since 1990 Neighborhood Chimney Care has continuously worked to sharpen and expand our skills.  We can do anything that pertains to a chimney and we do it well.

We do more than just chimneys, dryer vent service is a “no brainer.”  Removes another fire hazard, reduces your utility bills and extends the life of your clothes dryer.

We are very good on roofs.  Your gutters need care.  We do all that.  LeavesOut is a solid aluminum cover, installed over your existing gutters, guaranteeing you will never again have a clogged downspout.  FIVE years with this product and we are convinced LEAVESOUT works.  Got it on my house and my mother-in-laws, we both have metal roofs!  Take gutter cleaning off your chore list.  Excellent warranty. Check them out at www.leavesout.com.

Imagine buying your wood stove or gas stove from the people that take care of your chimney.  Talk about service after the sale.  Visit http://www.pacificenergy.net/ and view the stove line that your chimney sweep has chosen as the best performing easiest to maintain appliance on the market today. 

Contact us.  It is our great pleasure and privilege to be called to your home.  Your problem is our mission.  We have a very good success rate. 



Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Chimney Safty Institute of America Level I, II and III inspections.

National Chimney Sweep Guild Chimney facts and free brochures.

Pacific Energy Wood stoves and fireplace inserts.

LeavesOut Eliminates gutter clutter.

Find us on FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/NeighborhoodChimneyCare